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PI Newsletter April 2024

On the 14th anniversary of the assassination of the Polish President and 95 Polish citizens in Russia, an expert summarizes the findings of the Polish Commission for Reinvestigation of the  Smolensk Crash.



Former Deputy PM: democracy is dead; According to Piotr Gliński, former Minister of Culture, the changes after the October 15, 2023 parliamentary elections indicate that the new government is moving toward dictatorship.



Duda: Israel should compensate the family of the Polish aid worker



Alarm bells in Poland over Chinese control of strategic Gdynia port terminal



Polish PM delivers stark warning over Russia; In his first international press interview since taking office, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has urged Europe to embrace a new era of armament to prepare for a potential future conflict with Russia.



Polish security agency raids suspected Russian spies



Polish soldier in Ukraine shares tales of war and hope



Poland and Ukraine reaffirm strong ties at talks in Warsaw



Russian envoy ignores Polish summons over missile incident



Expert warns of Russian hostility directed at Poland; Russian President Vladimir Putin strategically chose Poland as a key target for hostility and animosity cultivated by Russia against Western countries, a Polish expert has said.



Poland announces plans for military helicopter base near Ukraine



Polish army enters space; Poland plans to acquire a satellite-based Earth observation system, with both radar and optical technology.



Poland’s Recommitment to 3SI Initiative Boosts Region; By recommitting to the Three Seas Initiative, the new Polish government has underscored its strategic vision for regional cooperation and economic growth.


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