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PI Newsletter #30

1. Conservative Polish Journalist Kept Out of the UK

The Polish journalist *Rafał Ziemkiewicz* was invited by an organization of
Polish emigrants to Britain to host author meetings planned for February in
the cities of Cambridge, Bristol and London. This displeased Labour MP Rupa
Huq, a former journalist for the leftist newspaper *The Guardian*. The MP,
who was born into a Muslim family from Bangladesh, wrote to the Home Office
asking for a ban on his stay for this Polish journalist, whom she considers
to be “far right”. *The Guardian* orchestrated the campaign to support Rupa
Huq’s request, which was also relayed by the “anti-racist” NGO Faith
Matters. In the past the same MP had asked that US President Donald Trump —
whom she describes as homophobic, Islamophobic and racist —not be allowed
to set foot on British soil either.

Left sectarianism also exists among Poles, except that* in Poland they
cannot prevent a journalist on the right from expressing his opinions* (it
is not for lack of trying, sometimes). *In Britain,* complained Ziemkiewicz
in the columns of *Do Rzeczy*, “*for a gathering to be banned, for it to be
censored, it is enough to be ‘controversial’*.


2.  Students Say Diversity Is More Important Than Free Speech

College students value a diverse and inclusive environment more than free
speech rights, according to a new study on student attitudes on free
expression.  Asked to select which is more important, about 53 percent of
the students interviewed for the study picked diversity, versus 46 percent
who chose free speech. This data is based on telephone interviews with
3,014 traditional-age students (18 to 24) at 100 four-year institutions,
both public and private.


3.National Geographic Confesses:  We Were Racist!

The Cultural Revolution continues, with one institution after another
confessing to past crimes even when there are no Red Guards holding knives
to their throats.

Welcome to the 21st century Left–a “non-racist” obsession with race.


4,  Emerging European Growth ‘Best In Years’

While no other country will match Romania’s growth rate in 2017, the region
will overall have another good 12 months. The wiiiw forecast for EU-CEE
aggregate real GDP growth of 3.9 per cent this year is lower than the
estimated 4.4 per cent in 2017, but will keep the region on a clear
convergence path with wealthier parts of the bloc (Germany is likely to
grow at a bit over 2 per cent in 2018). Upward revisions have been made for
Poland (to 3.8 per cent), the Czech Republic (3.5 per cent), Estonia (3.5
per cent) and Slovakia (3.8 per cent).


5. How Israel Is Becoming The World’s Top Cyber Superpower

Israel, or “Startup Nation” as some call it, has become a world leader in
cyber security. And the nation’s military is fueling its supremacy.

Although Israel makes no cars of its own, the world’s top auto-security
companies are all Israeli. The country also receives roughly one-fifth of
the world’s global private investment in cyber security. As independent
and state-sponsored
hackers wreak havoc, Israel continues to revolutionize its military and
lead the way in the field.


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