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PI Newsletter #17

1.  Revealed: Russia’s New Experimental ICBM Warheads

Russia pilots independent post-boost vehicles for more precise and flexible multiple warhead delivery.


2.   The Czech Donald Trump
“I have stopped believing in multiculturalism.”

Andrej Babis, one of the Czech Republic’s wealthiest people, presents himself as a non-ideological results-oriented reformer. He has pledged to run the country like a business after years of what he calls corrupt and inept management. He is demanding a return of sovereignty from the European Union and rejects the euro.


3.  A Brit’s speech in an American election takes a Stalinist turn, by Ann Applebaum

“It was a weird moment, not least because there aren’t any “pro-globalists” to fight back. “Globalism” is a fiction invented by Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart News and a host of Internet trolls, both amateur and professional, and promoted on social media. It’s a phantasm that, like “Islam” (or, for that matter, the “international Jewish conspiracy”), makes a good enemy and helps unite people as different as Farage, Moore, the citizens of Fairhope and the people of Sunderland, at least in cyberspace. But “anti-globalism,” otherwise known as nationalism, populism or sometimes fascism, is real. In fact, the movement I’ve also called the Populist International<https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/global-opinions/trump-is-a-threat-to-the-west-as-we-know-it-even-if-he-loses/2016/11/04/a8dc9100-a2cc-11e6-a44d-cc2898cfab06_story.html> appears to be growing in both strength and stupidity.”


Our comment:  Ms. Applebaum, seems not to see that she herself has gotten enamored to the very ideas, tactics, methods she has been widely seen as a strong critic and opponent of. Like good old communists, she herself uses lies and distortions to advance her neo Marxist, neo liberal ideology. Like good old communists, she denies the obvious, among them her side’s failures, calls white black and vice versa. She denigrates, ridicules and demonizes those who do not hold her world view.  Their views are pure “stupid”, according to Ms. Applebaum.    All this shallow zealotry comes from someone who is a think tank consultant, main stream media opinion writer, a political commentator, a member of the intellectual elite. With this vacuous, unhinged fanaticism she does not deserve any credibility.

4.  Islamic Sunset on Germany

The author is drawing a picture of a rather turbulent future for Germany.  What do all the developments, transitions and trends taking place in our western neighbor mean for Poland?  They sure mean a lot.  Poland has always been, is now and  will be very strongly impacted by the developments in Germany. Therefore, it would be prudent for Poland to keep a very watchful eye and be prepared.


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