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Newletter #26

  1. Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory

The city of Edina has changed the way it approaches public education, putting social justice above learning. The results will shock you.

Our comment: They also terrify those like the parent from Nicaragua in the article or me.  People like me, who grew up under communism thought we had put behind leftist ideas and the damage it had done to our lives.  However, now we are witnessing those ideas taking ground here in schools where our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated in leftism.  


  1. The People’s Cube: Blocked By the Department of Defense

Our comment: Here is another examples of leftism and censorship catching up with those of us who thought we had left them behind.

“When I lived in the Soviet Union, my speech was expected to be blocked as politically unreliable and not aligned with the government’s collectivist, socialist agenda. Such was the default setting and there was nothing I could do about it. At the time I assumed that if I were to move to the United States, I’d be free to speak without censorship. Imagine my surprise when I found that many in this country, including on the government level, were motivated by the same collectivist, socialist agenda I had escaped from”


  1. How the Holocaust Haunts Eastern Europe


There is a paywall, but content readable here: http://comment-news.com/source/www.nytimes.com/2018/01/26/opinion/holocaust-eastern-europe.html/.

Our comment: Much of it is true, but there is no analogy between what the Ukrainians, Slovaks and Croatians were doing to Jews, or how the USSR treated them, and how the Poles treated Jews. There was no love lost between the two ethnic groups, that’s true and it was bilateral. But, individual snitches on both sides excepted, there were no phenomena of Poles working for the Germans on the Holocaust or anything else, no mass pogroms even if individual murders were committed by bad people, no volunteer service in German SS units or in camp guard units, and so on. Yet the main focus of attacks by Jewish parties now seems to be not against those other countries but against Poland; some pretty strong statements, highly offensive to Poland were made by Israeli officials and Israeli media in the last 24 hours. In the middle of all this brouhaha it gets lost on people that high EU officials have just made “heart-felt” statements about the “return of “antisemitism to Europe” and how Jews are central to European identity, without as much as mentioning that they, the EU, bear direct culpability for the return of that antisemitism for they are the importers of the Muslim rabble that hates Jews, harasses them, beats them up, murders them and is the cause of a mass exodus of Jews from Europe that numbers in the tens of thousands each year.




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