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The main goal of Germany is the federalization of the EU under its leadership

Germany is simply the enemy of Poland

The principal goal of our western neighbor at the moment is
the federalization of the EU under its control.

Prof. Wojciech Polak

I don’t know what political scientists are doing at the moment, some of them are probably analyzing geopolitical arrangements in the time of Chancellor Bismarck, but I want to meekly point out that what is happening at the moment in Europe and the world should be the subject of deep analysis, from which some practical conclusions should be drawn (and this is, unfortunately, the hardest thing to do).

We are living at a turning point in world history. What happens in the next few years will probably determine the history of the whole century. Let us put the facts in order, bearing in mind, in particular, the situation of Poland.

Germany’s main objective? Federalization

The European Union is, in fact, already completely controlled by Germany. Our western neighbor’s main objective is to federalize the Union and make it into a single state, formally governed by Brussels but actually from Berlin. The main course of action is to ‘green’ Europe by imposing various and very costly taxes and legal restrictions to reduce CO2 emissions. With this method, Germany wanted to significantly restrict and hamper industrial production and energy generation by other EU countries – including Poland. This would target competition for their goods, which are now becoming increasingly poor in quality (Germany already has a negative foreign trade balance). Berlin’s aim is also to turn Central Europe into an economically underdeveloped colony, providing cheap labor and raw materials. Berlin was aware that the whole operation would lead to a considerable decline in the competitiveness of European goods worldwide. It would impoverish the citizens of the EU and make it difficult for them to function normally (e.g., by imposing electric cars – expensive, unreliable, and unsuitable for further travel). The German planners did not and do not mind. Germany made a deal (probably in the winter of this year) with Russia to realize these intentions.

On the one hand, they agreed to Putin’s occupation of Ukraine, installing a pro-Russian government there and annexing further Ukrainian territories to Russia. On the other hand, Russia promised to send cheap gas to Germany (Nord Stream 2 was also to be launched), on the distribution of which in Europe, Berlin was to make additional money and strengthen its influence. Russian gas was to become the second factor facilitating the federalization of Europe, alongside ecology. Germany counted on the war in Ukraine to last a week at most. They also assumed that there would be some pro forma protests and then, after a few weeks, everything would return to the so-called normal.

However, the implementation of the plan encountered difficulties. The heroic defense of the Ukrainians has lasted almost five months, with the Russians committing horrific acts of terror and genocide. The Germans must therefore join (reluctantly and unwillingly) in the protests against Russian aggression and crimes, albeit with very few weapons being handed over to Ukraine. However, impatient Russians are threatening Berlin with a complete cut-off of gas supplies, which has recently caused an unheard-of panic on the banks of the Spree River.

Poland’s role

Our country plays a vital role in this whole jigsaw. The Germans see the subjugation of Poland and setting it up in a classic neo-colonial role as one of their primary objectives. For them, this would also be tantamount to regaining (in some sense) the territories lost in 1945 that they remember (although they pretend not to remember). Thus, the Germans are striving at all costs to install a government in Poland that would favor them (as Kisiel said: “Guess, my dear, whose government it is to be?”). For Angela Merkel and her successor, the tool for blocking the functioning of Polish industry is the financial sanctions applied to Poland by the Germans through the European Commission. The blocking of our subsidies and COVID loan relief to the tune of €70 billion as punishment for alleged violations of the rule of law is the sole credit of our neighbors from across the Oder River. One of their motives is the fear that such a huge sum could further fuel our economy. What is most outrageous is the fact that now, when Poles are providing such significant assistance to Ukrainian refugees (who number up to 4 million) and are spending huge sums of money on this, Germany (under the guise of the European Union, of course) is blocking our subsidies and making us pay compensation for the unfulfilled and at the same time unlawful and absurd decisions of the CJEU. I am already leaving aside the fact that we have not been given any financial support in our extensive and costly aid operations for Ukrainian refugees. After all, it would be naïve to expect anything from the world’s most stingy and greedy country, which is precisely what Germany is.

These ‘milestones’ and empty promises by Ursula von der Leyen only serve to pull the wool over our eyes. You can no longer believe a word she says. After all, she is not following orders from EU bodies but simply from the German Federal Government, albeit under the guise of the European Commission. Compliance with the demands of this European Commission (e.g., regarding the abolition of the Disciplinary Chamber of Poland’s Supreme Court) only results in more bold demands. One can guess that further demands such as allowing homosexual marriages, adopting children by homosexuals, including the ‘non-binary’ gender option in identity cards, etc., will soon follow.

Berlin’s anti-Polish actions

I have been saying for many months now that Poland will not get this money. There have been so many anti-Polish moves by Berlin recently that one could write a substantial book about them. One should consider whether to simply accept that we now have two enemies: Russia and Germany. The fact that the German state is our enemy (despite our joint membership in the EU and NATO) has unfortunately not yet reached the consciousness of most Poles. Berlin would like to carry out a vassalization of Poland using the European Commission, the CJEU, and other EU structures. These are very effective tools in the hands of today’s exasperated successors of Friedrich II and Bismarck. The questions then arise: is it really worthwhile for us to remain in the EU? When some absurd financial penalties are being imposed on us when we are being deprived of money owed to us (EUR 70 billion is almost three-quarters of Poland’s annual budget) when we are being forced to pay some macabre taxes for CO2 emissions when our sovereignty is being undermined in the area of the judicial system and dozens of other matters. And when all this serves to build up Germany’s domination over us, should we continue to pretend that being part of the Union benefits us? Is it not better to thank the Germans and their adherents and go our own way? The answer is obvious. Indeed, choosing freedom will cost us a lot and cause us considerable political perturbations, but there is no other choice.

When Russia blocked the gas supply to Poland in April this year, not a single European country declared itself willing to help us. Germany, of course, kept its mouth shut. Today, when Germany is threatened with a gas shortage due to Putin’s cunning, the European Commission calls for all countries, including Poland, to be compulsorily obliged to supply gas to Germany. We should give the Eurocrats a short answer to this proclamation: leave us alone and get on with straightening bananas (to comply with EU standards) or picking asparagus (in Germany). We can do without you!


Translated from the original Polish:


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