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Madrid Summit. What was in the joint DECLARATION of nine European conservative and right-wing parties?


In a joint declaration, representatives of nine European conservative parties that participated in Saturday’s summit in Madrid pointed to the need for defense cooperation between European states in the face of the threat from Russia. The theme of the event was “Defend Europe.”

“United in the face of the threat”

They indicated that the peoples of Europe should act “in solidarity in the face of the threat of external aggression.”

“Russian military action on the eastern border of Europe has brought us to the brink of war. In the face of such threats, solidarity, determination and defense cooperation of the peoples of Europe are needed,” was written in the declaration adopted on Saturday.

The document points out the ineffectiveness of EU diplomacy. It was noted that each European nation should “contribute to the preservation of peace, territorial integrity and the inviolability of European borders through its strong and unified contribution.”

Joining forces of right-wing groups

The declaration’s authors called for joining forces of right-wing groups “to protect Europe from imposed ideologies and anti-democratic tendencies.” They stressed that these factors are leading to its collapse.

“We condemn the politically motivated attacks from Brussels on Poland and Hungary, which show a complete disregard for the fundamental principles of the EU and violate the spirit of the treaties,” states the document.

Energy potential and EU primacy rules

The document’s signatories also expressed their support for measures to support the European energy potential by creating a set of “measures to improve energy self-sufficiency.” They stressed that “Brussels’ unsuccessful energy policy contributed to an unsustainable increase in energy prices.”

It was stressed that it was also necessary to enforce the principle of EU primacy.

The document also stated that “goods produced in the Member States must take precedence over goods from third countries, which are responsible for impoverishing our peoples’ farmers and breeders and for weakening Europe as an industrial power.”

Defense of borders and migrants

The participants in the Madrid Summit also spoke out in favor of condemning Brussels’ migration policy and pointed to the “ineffectiveness of the Frontex agency.”

“It does not contribute to protecting our borders,” indicated the declaration recommending condemning the World Pact on Migration.

In Madrid, European right-wing parties stressed ensuring that immigrants from third countries “enter the common area only after asylum has been granted.” They expressed the conviction that people who have entered the EU illegally should be sent back to their countries of origin.

Ideologization and defense of Christian ideals

The declaration also stressed the need to set up a coordination office that would help to ensure closer cooperation between the parties present at the Madrid Summit “to join forces and vote in the European Parliament.”

They pointed out that this cooperation is essential in the face of “the growing threat of transforming the EU into an ideologically-charged federalist superstate; in effect, a corporation that does not take into account national identity and sovereignty, and therefore democracy, pluralism and the interests of the nations that make up the Union.”

The participants noted that the so transformed EU would endanger the idea of the EU, distancing it from Christian and European ideals on which it was built.

They stressed that given the threat to “the survival of Western civilization,” it was necessary to face these currents leading to “demographic suicide and social transformation.” They pointed out that it is essential to support family policy in Europe, which is currently experiencing a demographic collapse.

“We will continue to demand a Union focused on common European values, on people, on their families, on protecting their borders, and on the freedom to have energy, industry, and a strong primary sector. We need to rebuild a culture of mutual respect among Member States and EU institutions that protect, not criticize, constitutional identity,” noted the summit participants.

The Madrid Summit was attended by representatives of right-wing parties from 9 EU countries, including Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (PiS), Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban (Fidesz), chairman of the Spanish Vox party Santiago Abascal, and head of the French National Union Marine Le Pen.






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