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2024 Competition on the History of Poland – Announcement


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For Immediate Release:  

 March 17, 2024


Polonia Institute Announces 2024 Competition on the History of Poland 

The Battle for Rome and the Battle for Warsaw 80 years later

Compare and contrast both battles

First Prize – $3,000

The Battle for Rome, also known as the Battle of Monte Cassino, was of primary importance to the Allied effort to defeat the Axis Coalition in World War II. The Monte Cassino Monastery, well-fortified by the Germans, stood in the way of the Allied effort to take over Rome.

On May 16, 1944, the Polish Second Corps launched the final assault on the Germans at Monte Cassino. On May 18, 1944, soldiers of the Polish Second Corps raised the Polish flag over the ruins of the Monte Cassino Monastery. As a result of this historic Polish victory, the German Senger Defense Line collapsed.

The Battle for Warsaw, also known as the Warsaw Uprising, was a major World War II operation to liberate Poland from German occupation. The battle began on August 1, 1944, as part of a nationwide Operation Tempest, launched at the time of the Soviets advancing towards Berlin. The main Polish objectives were to drive the Germans out of Warsaw while helping the Allies defeat Germany. But it was equally important to liberate Warsaw with the Polish armed forces before the Soviets reached Warsaw on their way to Berlin.


In your essay, please analyze the following issues: 1) The formation of the Second Polish Corp in the Middle East; 2) Political considerations of sending the Polish Second Corp to the Italian front, 3) The Polish victory in the Battle of Monte Cassino; 4) The impact of the victory at Monte Cassino on the people in occupied Poland; 5) Dilemmas of the Polish Government in London how to liberate Poland; 6) Operation Tempest; 7) The Battle for Warsaw; 8) Political struggle in the Allied Coalition over the support to Warsaw; 9) Russian game over Poland; 10) Liberation of Paris; 11) Fall of Warsaw; 12) German demolition of Warsaw after the surrender; 13) compare and contrast results of both battles; 14) analyze the differences. Any ideas whether there was a better solution to liberate Poland?

Please reach out for sources of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance here: https://ipn.gov.pl/en. Do not use references to Wikipedia.

Essay Requirements:

The essay shall reflect the contestant’s own research and original thinking.

The paper shall not exceed 20 typed pages (including bibliography), should be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced with 1” margins; pages shall be numbered. The essay shall be submitted in the English language. All entries become the property of the Polonia Institute.


The 2024 Competition on the History of Poland is open to adults at least 18 years and older as of September 1, 2024. Proof of age is required. A copy of a valid document showing the date of birth is acceptable.


September 1, 2024. Results will be announced on or about November 11, 2024.


First Prize is $3,000. Additional monetary and non-monetary awards may be offered. Additional essays may be considered for recognition and publication.  Polonia Institute reserves the right to publish selected essays or excerpts of selected essays in future publications, newsletters, and other materials.


The Application Form is here: 2024-PI-Competition-Application-Form

Email your essay with the Application Form and proof of age to:

info@poloniainstitute.net  with  cc to: mszonert@yahoo.com

For more information, send an email to: mszonert@yahoo.com

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